Thursday, October 22, 2020

COVID - 19 and Pest Control

 2020 has certainly proven to be a challenging and difficult year for all New Yorkers. Sadly some communities were hit harder than others and still struggle to recover. The covid-19 pandemic is not only one of the major topics of conversation, but it continues to put a strain on our hospitals and nursing homes across the country. The education system has also seen its share of challenges. Businesses, both small and large, have taken a tremendous hit. Some small businesses are just barely staying afloat, while some have had to shut their doors for good. On top of all of this, experts predict that we will see a second out break of the covid-19 virus. Life as we use to know it has clearly changed.

As we brace for a second wave of the pandemic, we need to talk about covid-19 and pest control. It's important, very important that we all do our part to prevent pest from entering our homes and protect our communities. The results of the pandemic has affected the activities of pests such as mice and rats. Because many restaurants, bars, deli's and other eateries have closed or have reduced operating hours, rodents have had to expand their territories to residential areas for food. So with more people working from their homes and children learning from home residential areas are producing much more garbage than in times past.

Pest control operators just about everywhere are reporting an increase in rodent activity in residential homes, especially apartment buildings and projects. Rats and mice can be readily seen walking the streets in many neighborhoods in abundance during the evening and night hours. Invasions of racoons, squirrels and possums into or on properties are also on the rise at an alarming rate. Add to that is the increase of roach infestations, the German Cockroach being the principle species reported and the most difficult to control.

These insects and rodents are reacting to our reaction to the covid pandemic. Like us they're fighting for survival and adapting to their situation. If we're not careful and  proactive we will be battling more than just this global pandemic, we will be battling viruses and diseases that these pests carry and cause.

                                                                         Protect Your Home & Environment

The need to protect our homes and surrounding areas have never been more urgent than now. Most pests reproduce at a very rapid pace, so they have somewhat of an advantage. What can be done to level the playing field? Maintenance, as well as Sanitation are the keys to success. For example, installing door sweeps is an inexpensive, yet an effective way in keeping out rodents and insects.

 Is the weather strip on your garage door worn or not long enough, replace it. Look at the caulking around your doors and windows. If its worn take out the old caulk and re-caulk the areas in need. This in itself keeps out insects and moisture. Roaches love to breed and hide in small cracks and crevices. Caulking around kitchen cabinets, baseboards, plumbing and interior door trim eliminates that problem.

Are the gutters in good repair and the facia boards that support the gutters? Are the roof covering and boards in good condition? Walking the roof is dangerous so hiring a home inspector to inspect these areas is money well spent. The roof areas are the principle way for racoons and squirrels to enter the living space. Also check the attic vents and be sure it too is in good condition. Does the chimney have a cover? If not it's a good idea to have one installed as this will keep out wildlife.

Taking out the garbage is a chore for many young people, but whoever takes it out should make sure the the lid is always securely in place. Also the garbage cans should be cleaned and washed out regularly as well.

Doing all these things will make our homes and surrounding areas unattractive to rodents, insects and wildlife animals. It will help us stay healthy, better equipping us to fight and win our battle against covid-19.

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