Friday, September 11, 2020

Yellow Jackets - Can Be A Stinging Problem

Yellow Jackets are social wasps. In the North America there are about 18 different species.
  During the summer of 2020, and heading into the fall season, an increased activity of Yellow Jackets has been noticed throughout the region. 
Yellow Jackets are considered beneficial insects because they mostly prey on various insects that are considered pests during the summer. But in the late summer and early fall they switch their diet to sugars like fruit and sweet drinks, but they are opportunistic and will eat whatever food is available, even raw meat.

Yellow Jackets can become  a stinging problem when they nest in or around structures. Areas where they commonly make their nests around structures are open voids in siding, soffits, loose or open bricks, facia boards, open ends of plastic fences and shrubs and bushes.
They also nest in the ground by selecting bare areas of vegetation, or they will clear an area around the entrance.

 Because they build their nests in these areas, they become a real stinging threat to people. And what makes them especially dangerous is a single yellow jackets ability to sting multiple times.

Because yellow jackets live in large colonies, this too makes them a stinging threat to people. They are a very organized colony with entrance guards. When people and/or pets come to close to the entrance, the entrance guards will fly close to the perceived threat and can inflict very painful stings that often require quick medical attention.

Our next post will feature what you can do to reduce your chance of an infestation, and what you should do if you have an infestation on or near your property.

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