Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Where Do Fruit Flies Come From?

Fruit Fly

Fruit flies are a common nuisance pest that usually invade orchards, breweries, restaurants, supermarkets, hospitals, canneries and homes. Adults measure about 1/8" in length and range in color from dull tan to brownish yellow or brownish black. Their eyes are usually bright red, but can also be very dark red or brown. They are found world wide and throughout the United States.

 Not only are they a nuisance pest, fruit flies may also act as disease vectors. In addition to this, adult females can lay up to 500 eggs that hatch in about 30 hours! That being the case, it is extremely important that integrated pest management (IPM) measures are taken to prevent, or at the very least, limit their breeding sites.

                                                                     Fruits & vegetables

Fruit flies are primarily attracted to fresh fruit and vegetables - nearly any material that is fermented by yeast. They are also attracted to decaying organic matter and can be found around fermenting water from refrigerators. In restaurants they are commonly seen in sink and floor drains where decaying food scraps are found. Dirty or sour mops and rags, and fermenting pet food are common breeding areas.

                                                                         Control Measures

 Eliminating all breeding sites is the key to controlling fruit fly infestation. In restaurants when floors are mopped and food preparation areas, such as counter tops are wiped down, accumulated food particles are often found in cracks and crevices where it ferments, thus providing ideal breeding conditions. Cracked, missing and loose floor and wall tile and missing grout should be repaired or replaced to eliminate food scrapes from accumulating. The use of  microbial floor cleaners is very effective for floors. Mops should be cleaned and/or replaced when dirty. Food can also be found under baseboards, so if it doesn't sit flush on the floor, sealing any gaps will greatly help eliminate breeding sites.

If you discover these pest are coming from outside, reducing the screen size (mesh) can be helpful since some species can easily penetrate ordinary screens. Floor drains should be cleaned with foam drain cleaners to break down the build up of biofilm.

 If problems still persist give us a call and a friendly and knowledgeable Pest Control Professional will conduct an inspection in and around your business or home, find any breeding areas and eliminate the problem for you. Call us.

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